Ok, let’s keep going, shall we…

How did I know Professional Organizing was the thing for me? Well, in listening to all the podcasts and youtube videos about organizing I found I resonated so much with what they said. I can’t tell you how many times I said out loud “Hey, I already do that!”.

 I have been doing this since I was a kid and didn’t even know there was a name for it.  I had always been the kid who wanted to clean things up, put the toys in their places, label the boxes. I never “played” with the Barbies… I just organized their clothes and set up their houses to look good. Anybody??

In fact, I have gotten much flak from people in my life for always “Putting things away”.  Turns out I can’t help myself!! Things must have a home and they gotta be in there home!

I tell you all of this so you know my “WHY”, which is important to know when you might be considering bringing that person into your bubble for advice and help. I am not a therapist, or a life coach, but I have spent my whole life with a heart to help, in whatever capacity I can.

I have God given gifts that I am eager to share! Along with the ability to de-clutter and organize, I believe I have compassion for people, right where they are. There is no judgment on my end…I want to share what I know, help where I can, and be a blessing!!

As this year kicks off I encourage you to look around and see what clutter is in your life. Whether it’s things, or time suckers, what can you purge that will help you accomplish the goals you have for yourself?

I would love to help you in these processes! Please don’t let thoughts like “I’m embarrassed” stop you from getting it done! I promise I have complete respect for your privacy! I will help motivate you, encourage you, listen to you as you process through letting stuff go! I believe you can do it!

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