Is “Prepping” a bad word?

Is Prepping a bad word?

For years many people have been preparing for the “end of the world”. And they have been laughed at, ridiculed, shamed, and labeled as nuts.

Then 2020 happened.😬

Many, many, many people found themselves unable to go to the grocery store because they were deemed unessential. And when they did get to the stores, basic items like TOILET PAPER were nowhere to be found.

I personally believe that these last 2 years have changed a lot of people’s minds on exactly what a “prepper” really is…

Most of these people just want to be able to have items on hand that they need to live comfortably for a short period of time should for some reason main stream life shut down.

I think before 2020, the majority of people were just going on with their lives not really paying attention to what was going on around them. Living a rat race, hurrying from one task to another, believing nothing too serious could happen here in the US and that we could never actually SHUT down.

Then we, here, in the freest country in the world… shut down…

Now, I believe many are scrambling to get their pantry’s packed…their toilet paper stocked up…and their homes set up in such a way that should things be repeated, or God forbid, get worse, they won’t have that fearful moment of not being ready.

I am not going to be 🐥 chicken little here …currently the sky is NOT falling… but for many reasons, I believe it is a good idea to be able to stay home for an extended period of time and be ok. You should have enough food, water, paper towels, Lysol, baby wipes, diapers, deodorant, dog food, kitty litter, right where you are and not have to get out.

I won’t get into the hard core prepping that many people are curious about, I just want to encourage people to get organized with basic items! 🙂

I feel many people don’t even know where to start, so, doing some research I put together a few lists of things to consider to help you be more self-sufficient. These lists include items that would be the first to disappear if the stores shut down again or there were shipping disruptions. I have a list on different ways to store food that will last you awhile. There are a few testimonials of individuals and what they learned from 2020’s shut downs, also.

There  are different degrees of “prepping” being done by individuals…

  1. Building your pantry. This is basically increasing the amount of food you have on hand of things that you already eat…mac and cheese, soup, canned meats, etc. And other items we found went missing quickly like Lysol, laundry soap, toilet paper, etc.
  2. Building a LONG term pantry. This is purchasing foods that can last for more than a year on the shelf. This would include freeze dried food or some other specially packaged food meant to be stored for several years.
  3. Building an entire complex to defend what they have. These people are very serious and not a group that I can speak too…but I do understand where they are coming from.

As a professional organizer I have been watching the news 📰, listening to stories of people who went through some rough times in 2020 due to food shortages, etc. and I looked for a way to help.

I want to offer my “Getting Started with your Preparedness” packet, free of charge. This packet of information will give you a great place to START to be self-reliant. And if things should have to slow down again, leave you in a place with fewer worries.😉

Now I would be remiss to say, you can’t just buy all of this stuff and not have a system to keep it! So be thoughtful with your plan, set aside a designated area, get shelves, and if you need help reach out!

Thank you so much for your time and interest!

 I hope this packet of information gives you the start you need to feel secure with your ability to provide for your family in difficult times.

Click on the link below to sign up and receive my free information

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