MY SECRET to easily getting organized for your trip…

Well, here we are…in the beginning of summer 2022. Travel is a TAD easier; people are less fearful and are venturing out again.

I personally haven’t been able to be a huge traveler (members of my family prefer being home 🙃)

BUT if I could…I would totally travel all of the time!

When I was a kid I moved around a lot. I moved more than 20 times before I graduated high school and went to 17 different schools. From California to Florida to Ohio, and in between, I have gotten to see a lot of our beautiful country. And now as a grown up, I would really like to see it all again!!

So now that I approach 50 and my youngest is in high school, I am looking to broaden my horizons (literally 😊).  I want to see the ocean again (I live in the middle of the country now). I want to go west and see all of the rocks in the high dry desert, I want to see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Niagara Falls, and Washington DC…oh you get the idea…

My husband has always told me that I am great to travel with, so what’s my secret? Being organized, having a way of doing things that keep it all neat and functional. I can’t stand messy. I really like to put things in their own containers…snacks in one bag, clothes in another, bathroom supplies in another, etc.

Knowing where everything is makes life sooo much better! It’s nice to be able to say “Hey, the ear buds are in the yellow bag”, or “Put your toothbrush back in the Dino Dan ™  bag.”

Recently I took a trip to Hot Springs, AR and had an absolutely lovely time!! I used my trusty ole one bag for each purpose and it made everything so much easier. To start, when packing I took one bag around gathering up all of the items in that category and repeated the process with different bags until I was all packed up. When I get home it makes unpacking soooo much easier.

So when I was researching products to share with people to help them pack in an organized fashion I was so excited to see something called Packing Cubes!

I totally could have invented that!!! 😲

So of course I put them on my “Shopping list” should you want to check them out. 🙂

Attached below is a PDF I created that will help you stay organized as you plan your trip, it includes the following…

✅ A basic packing list

✅ A printable itinerary to share with family/friends

✅ To do lists for the time leading up to your trip, starting with 3 weeks out and ending with the day you leave for your trip

✅ “Random tips” -things that might make packing/traveling a little easier

As you prepare for you trip I would encourage you to remember your “WHY” and plan accordingly. Going for relaxation? Be sure you plan for that!!! 🏖️

Here’s a happy send off to you and yours as you travel this summer!💖 💖💖

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