3 things that will absolutely sabotage🔥 your organizing efforts!

This blog post is for those of you who have a burning desire to get your hands dirty (maybe even literally) and start that organizing project

Maybe you are just plain tired of the mess…that’s what usually does it-you can’t find the keys🔑, or the mail, or the floor of your kid’s 👶 room!


🔥Let me alert you to 3 things that absolutely will sabotage your efforts!🔥

  1. High expectations (perfectionism)- The world is telling you it’s not good enough if it doesn’t look like Pinterest or an Instagram post. Well spoiler alert….the pictures are STAGED!!!                                                                                                   Yup, the space probably doesn’t even look like that in the real world. So when you start organizing your space keep in mind your personal expectations and how you and your family will keep things organized. Have a plan…this is key.   🧡🧡


2. Unrealistic expectations with your time

I’ve heard it said that human brains naturally think we can get things done quicker than we really         can (especially if it’s something we don’t do often), but things like                                                                           a. the size of space you are dealing with,          

  b. how quickly you make decisions, and

c. how emotionally attached you are to your things will mostly determine how quickly your

space gets organized.

        Many people start the project without an endgame and no plan. They hope to get it done in a
couple of hours so they pull everything out and dig in. Two, three, four, 8 hours later!!…they are
completely overwhelmed and have only scratched the surface. They become discouraged and
cram everything back in again!  🧡🧡

    3. This last problem may sting some people…but in my time organizing this is the number one
problem I see …we have too much STUFF!!!! 

So now that I have identified the problem, how do we fix this? 🧰


  • Organizing is a lifelong process not a “one and done”
  • Organizing has to be done in a way that makes it easy and natural for the whole family to keep things tidy. So how you do things won’t be the same as how I do things!
  • Have a plan for each space. What’s the point of this space? How is it going to work for you? Write it out if you need to be reminded as you go through the process.
  • Keep realistic expectations. If of course you have your heart set on a Pinterest perfect space-be prepared to spend more money and time.
  • Practice the art of de-cluttering. Here are a few questions to help you decide what to get rid of.
    • Do I need it?
    • Will I use it?
    • Would I go to the store and buy it again?
    • Does it have a purpose?
    • Do I have a place for it?
    • Would someone else get more use out of it then me?
    • Does it make me happy?
  • Remember this quote from Desmond Tutu “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”😉
  • If you don’t have a lot of time, desire, or patience to get started just set your timer for 20 minutes and see what you can get done in the space …                         Or 15 minutes…  or 2 minutes…       just start…🧗‍♀️
  • And last of all…this is the biggest piece of advice I have for you…show yourself grace in this process…if you are not a born organizer this is HARD!! Be ok with that!!                                             Remember …🍴one bite at a time🍴…it took you years to get where you are, it will take a bit of time to go through it all and get it how you really want it to be!

💜Enjoy every success along the way!💛

God bless you in your endeavors! But remember you are not alone! If you need help to get started or to have someone walk with you through this process I can help! Click the link below and let’s get you started! You will be sooo glad you did!!

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