Step 1: On the phone assessment

  • We will just chat a bit, get to know each other, I’ll get some idea of how I can help you.
  • I’ll obtain basic information from you and if you decide to proceed we will schedule an in person assessment.
  • There is no fee for this phone assessment!

Step 2: In person assessment

  • We will perform this assessment if we feel it’s necessary. Most projects can be assessed with the phone call, saving time and getting to that project a lot quicker!!
  • Takes about 30-60 minutes
  • We walk through your home, evaluate the area(s) you are concerned with and discuss your goals
  • There is absolutely no judgment here! I am just so happy for you taking this first step and allowing me to journey with you!
  • I can give you an idea of how much time your project would take and a little more information on the process
  • If you decide to move forward and purchase a package I will start to develop a Plan of Action
  • This in person assessment is FREE

Step 3: Decisions to consider

  • Are we a good fit?
  • Are you emotionally and physically ready to tackle the project?
  • What package(s) and plan works for you and your needs?
  • Do you want help with your project OR do it yourself?

Step 4: The next step

  • We get out our calendars and agree on a date and time!
  • A $50 deposit will be needed at this time.
  • There will be many variables that determine how much time will be needed for for each project including:  
    • How quickly you make decisions when de-cluttering
    • If the improving of one space bleeds over into another
    • How much stuff there is to go through and
    • How many hands are involved in the process.
  • Once a date and package(s) are decided I will begin working on your Plan of Action. This is something I can email you before we get started, or we can go over it once I arrive for our hands on session.


  • Clutter Free Indeed, LLC will gladly take and drop off donations. We do have a local organization we donate most updated and clean household items too. But of course, if there is another organization you would prefer, we could do that too.
    • We are not however responsible for “donation regret” 😉
  • The client is then responsible for disposal of all refuse.

Ready to get started? Here’s how to contact me:


Assessment cost: FREE

Hourly fee: $45

4 Hour package: $175

  • This package is a good start to most projects.

6 Hour package: $255

8 Hour package: $330

10 Hour package: $405

Travel Fees: For any location between 30 and 50 miles from my location there will be an additional $25 charge. Locations greater than 50 miles there is a $25 charge per hour of travel time


Do it yourself: $110

Sometimes people just need an outsiders point of view for their space. Someone to help with a plan, but really want to do the work themselves. I totally get it! There is totally a place for a Professional Organizer here.

  • This package would include
    • Initial assessment
    • Plan of Action
    • Up to two hours of consultation (via phone, text, email, etc.) for any questions or advice you might need
    • If you decide within 10 days of purchasing this package that maybe having someone by your side would be better, you can absolutely apply this payment to any other package and we will schedule a session together!

Maintenance Plans:

After you get your spaces all cleaned out and systems set into place, maybe you need an assistant to come in and tidy things up on occasion.

  • Once a month upkeep: $40/ hr
  • Twice a year upkeep: $45/ hr

Shopping: $45/hour or packages could apply

Don’t have time to go get the items you want, but don’t want to wait for shipping? I can go get them!

  • Driving time would be included in the time charged for.
  • I am willing to go anywhere from Springfield to Joplin to Branson and anywhere in between.
  • I provide the receipts to you and payment would be due on day of installation.
  • I am more than willing to assist in the installation of items/but installation would be clients responsibility.

Moving Assistance: $45/hour or packages could apply

Moving can be a huge project! Let me help you with organizing tips and tricks to make packing and unpacking simpler. I would be another set of hands to get the job done quicker.

  • Before you place your house on the market:
    • Getting your house de-cluttered before you actually start the packing process actually makes a lot of sense, why pack up things you no longer need or want?
    • When your house is de-cluttered and simplified it makes staging your home much easier.
    • Let me help you pack up items that aren’t needed during the selling stage.
  • Sold your house?
    • I can help with packing in preparation for the movers.
    • Doing a little more organizational work on the packing end will definitely help when the boxes are in the new home.
  • After the move:
    • Already moved and need help unpacking and organizing? I can do that too, even if the move was a few days…a few weeks…a few months…a few years….ago 🙂
  • Putting it all together:
    • Of course utilizing an organizer from beginning to end of the move would be ideal, but life happens, we figure things out as we go…call me anytime, we will come up with an assessment of what you need and what I can do for you!